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What Our  Client's Think

"I just returned from my first EBST trip and I don't know where to start. This trip was nothing short of amazing. First, Anthony is a wonderful host and guide. He kept us in the loop and on schedule. He is very knowledgeable about the areas we traveled to and made sure every detail was taken care of. I don't know why I waited so long to book but it's a mistake I won't ever make again. Morocco was amazing; the tours and accommodations ebst had for us were luxurious and fun-filled. The villa, the Sahara desert sunset/sunrise, the camel ride, and a trip to the blue city...all left me speechless. We got to see so much of the country. The cooking class in Chefchaouen was immersive, and the meal was delicious. It was the experience I was looking for. I'd urge anyone and everyone to book if you are looking for an awe-inspiring vacation with a guide you can trust. I can't wait to book again!!"

Jehan Forsyth

"When selecting a travel agency, there is always a sense of apprehension that flows through your mind, simply because of the uncertainties you may be faced when traveling to various countries. You want to be assured that all aspects of your trip have been solidified and all expectations are met. Fortunately, EBST Made Me Travel (EBST) afforded me a sense of solace in knowing that my vision would come to fruition. Ebst not only books vacations but also provides the ultimate experience. From transportation to/from airports to the perfect vineyards, they specialize in meeting every expectation by creating memorable moments that will have you indulging in the culture, history, and most of all, fine cuisine. I have used ebst for multiple vacations and have yet to be disappointed. While ebst intuitively knows where to include high-end experiences, they also know the right location to set each experience. Anthony is very organized and reliable not only with itineraries but is also very knowledgeable about each country. In my travels to Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, and Croatia, each time, my expectations were surpassed. From private villas in Italy to private yachts in Croatia, each affair is customized to fit you as the traveler. There aren’t enough meridians to describe how fabulous my vacations have been. Their meticulous attention to detail by far is unmatched. In most recent months, separated by Covid-19 and geography for almost a year and a half, planning experiences wasn’t easy because of the frequently changing Covid-19 regulations. However, due to EBST’s ability to provide quality over quantity, the entire experience was amazing!!"

Riva Rhodes

"We often look forward to our summer vacations, but when you are ready to have a vacation experience...EBST is who you need to consult. Let EBST Concierge Service plan your next international trip. From the escort from/to the airport to your excursions and meal recommendations...EBST has you covered during your time away. From the planning process, through your time away, and up until you are back in the states, EBST is just a call always and will make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. If/when unforeseen challenges occur (as they often can) if EBST was part of the planning process, Anthony will handle the situation so that your vacation can remain a stress-free experience. I have planned my own vacations in the past but EBST introduced me to the experience of leaving The US soil, stepping out of the Atlantic ocean, and flying into our history books to see the grandeur of the world on the other side of the continent. Upgrade from vacationing and let EBST plan your next travel event... I promise it's an experience you won't regret."

Davina Kelly

"My trip to Dubai was definitely one I have dreamed about. I spoke with Anthony and told him this was a dream trip for me for my 45th birthday and boy did he deliver. From dinner in the Burj Khalifa to walking through one of the most renowned museums in the world, The Louvre Abu Dhabi, EBST definitely pulled out all the stops to make this happen for me. The goal is for you to have an experience and they did not disappoint. When I want to travel EBST is the only way to go!!"

Sharisse Stanton-Freeman

"I had the opportunity to travel to Italy with EBST. It was amazing from start to finish. The trip was well-designed and guided in the best ways. Anthony ensured that I experienced a, "Taste of Italy", with fabulosity for a price that was within my budget; allowing me also to indulge in shopping while abroad.

I was very satisfied with the structure of the trip. I was also pleased with Anthony and EBST!!!! Without exception, Anthony is personal, perceptive, respectful knowledgable, even-tempered, good-humored, demonstrates consistent high-energy, is always prompt and again an excellent guide!

Anthony is wonderful to work with! Again, I cannot say this enough! He thoroughly understood my trip objectives and made sure that my entire trip seamless and well-paced. All hotel accommodation were excellent, without exception. The guides and optional activities planned throughout the trip were exceptional, and the logistics were smooth and easy.

I will always choose EBST when seeking extraordinary life experiences abroad!!"

Dana Jacobs

"EBST is very professional and our trip was well planned. From the beginning to the end of my vacation everything was detailed in reference to hotel accommodations and activities available nearby. I will gladly travel again with ebst knowing that everything will be handled. My only worry was packing :-)!!"

Karima Wardlaw

"EBST does a good job of meeting the needs of travelers of all ages and preferences by combining new experiences with expertise for all. The planning and execution are commendable!!"

Nicole Blackson

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