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Image by Omar Elsharawy

October 3, 2024 through October 14, 2024


Experience The Juxtaposition of Modernity & Our Legacy

in Cairo, Luxor, North Coast & Siwa

This experience is completely customizable and can be modified in any way to create a tailor-made itinerary to suit your travel needs.


  • Roundtrip Flight

  • 5-Star Hotel Accommodations

  • Air, Land & Sea Transfers throughout Egypt

  • Activities and Excursions Listed

  • Select Meals

Starting at $5,995 per person*
*based on double occupancy
**Itinerary & Inclusions are Subject to Change**

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Day 1: Arrival in Luxor & Welcome Dinner

Welcome to Egypt! As you touch down in Luxor, birthplace of Ramses II and Tutankhamun, you're embraced by the gentle warmth of the desert breeze. The allure of ancient wonders whispers through the air. Settle into your luxurious accommodations along The Nile River, a sanctuary of comfort amidst the grandeur of the past. In the evening, you'll relish a feast of local flavors during EBST’s Signature Welcome Dinner, marking the commencement of your experience in the land of pharaohs and timeless legends.

Day 2: Exploration & Leisure

Embrace the day in Luxor, where the echoes of timeless wonders beckon. Explore the monumental Karnak Temple, adorned with its avenue of ram-headed sphinx while towering obelisks reverberate the history of ancient rulers. Next, Luxor Temple, bathed in a serene ambiance, eagerly awaits your exploration. After the morning's adventures, the day is yours to either indulge with rejuvenating spa services to unwind and revitalize, or opt for leisurely relaxation by the pool.

Day 3: Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride & Valley of The Kings

Enveloped in the golden morning light, you'll gracefully ascend above into the clouds on an enchanting hot air balloon ride. After breakfast, you’ll cross to the West Bank, stepping into the realm of pharaohs and queens. The Valley of the Kings, a sacred burial ground, reveals the timeless tombs of Egypt's revered monarchs. Nearby, The Valley of the Queens shares the stories of influential queens of yore. In the afternoon, a tranquil felucca boat ride offers a serene and unique vantage point to fully absorb the majestic beauty of The Nile.

Day 4: Cairo Sightseeing & Nile Dinner Cruise

Your journey leads you to Cairo, the vibrant heart of Egypt. The day begins with a visit to the Hanging Church in Old Cairo, immersing yourself in Egypt's rich Coptic heritage. Following this cultural exploration, you'll meander through the lively alleys of the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, where the fragrant spices and the bustling ambiance transport you to another time. As the sun dips below the horizon, prepare for a mesmerizing Nile River Dinner Cruise, where you'll dine amidst a performance of traditional songs, dances and the shimmering city lights, reveling the unique ambiance of Cairo.

Day 5: Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx & Grand Egyptian Museum

Awaken to join expert-led explorations of iconic wonders. The Pyramids of Giza, the last marvels of the ancient world, majestically rise from the desert sands and the enigmatic Sphinx, guardian of millennia-old secrets, fixes its gaze upon you as your guide unravels its mysteries. Later, the day includes a visit to a perfumery and a papyrus shop, offering a sensory journey into Egypt's scents and artistry. Then, the Grand Egyptian Museum, a juxtaposition of modernity and ancient treasures, opens its doors, unveiling a vast repository of history. This day offers an unparalleled glimpse into Egypt's rich and enduring legacy.

Day 6: Arrival in North Coast

Leaving the dynamism of the capital behind, journey to Egypt's serene North Coast. The azure Mediterranean stretches before you as you arrive at your five-star coastal retreat. Indulge in bliss while white-sand beaches entice you to explore the soothing beauty of the coastal landscape, an idyllic sanctuary from the busyness of everyday life.

Day 7: Relaxation & Leisure

With the sun's gentle kiss and the rhythmic symphony of waves, you surrender to the soothing charm of the North Coast. The day invites leisurely strolls on the beach, dips in the crystalline waters, and moments of relaxation under the clear Mediterranean skies. As night falls, the North Coast awakens with a vibrant nightlife, where beachfront bars, restaurants, and clubs come to life, offering unique experiences for the modern jetsetter.

Day 8: Siwa Oasis

As the landscape shifts once more, you make your way to the ethereal Siwa Oasis, a desert gem hidden in the golden sands. Amidst salt lakes that shimmer like jewels under the sun, ancient traditions thrive. The Shali Fortress stands sentinel over Siwa's secrets, and Cleopatra's Pool promises rejuvenation in its magical waters. Siwa's remoteness and unique beauty unfold before your eyes.

Day 9: Siwa Exploration

Your EBST Egyptian odyssey continues, revealing the oasis's natural wonders. Ancient ruins echo the stories of bygone eras, salt flats stretch to the horizon, and a traditional desert experience envelops your senses; add thrill to your experience with an optional ATV ride through the desert’s untouched wilderness. Each moment weaves another strand into your tapestry of the extraordinary, blending the past and present for a truly unforgettable journey.

Day 10: Return to Cairo

The time comes to return to Cairo, yet your journey is far from complete. This day grants you the chance to reflect on your extraordinary EBST experience in Egypt, keeping the warmth of its people and the nation's timeless legacy close to your heart, seamlessly aligning with the captivating adventures of your entire trip.

Day 11: Departure

With a wealth of treasured memories and a revitalized spirit, prepare to bid adieu to Egypt as you embark on the journey homeward or to Dubai, concluding your extraordinary experience through Egypt with EBST.

Your Experience Includes

Customer Service
24/7 Concierge Services During Your Travels
Dedicated Onsite Host
EBST Swag Bag with Travel Extras
Roundtrip Flight (Upgraded Seating available)
Expedited Entry and Travel Visa Assistance
Air, Land & Sea Transfers throughout Egypt
5-Star Hotel Accommodations
3-Night Accommodations in Luxor
3-Night Accommodations in Cairo
2-Night Accommodations in North Coast
2-Night Accommodations in Siwa
Daily Meals
EBST Signature Meet-and-Greet
Great Pyramids & Sphinx Tour
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Guided Sightseeing Tours
Nile River Dinner Show
Perfume & Papyrus Workshops
ATV Excursion Through Desert (Optional)
Private Photo Shoot (Optional)
Spa & Massage Services (Optional)
Day Trip to Alexandria (Optional)
Abu Simbel Add-on (Optional)
Aswan Add-on (Optional)
Dubai & Abu Dhabi Add-on (Optional)
Ghana Add-on (Optional)
Hurghada Add-on (Optional)
Jordan Add-on (Optional)

Experience A Juxtaposition of Legacy & Modernity

This itinerary is completely customizable and can be modified in any way to create a tailor-made experience to suit your travel needs.


  • Roundtrip Flight

  • 5-Star Hotel Accommodations

  • Air, Land & Sea Transfers throughout Egypt

  • Activities and Excursions Listed

  • Select Meals

Starting at $5,995 per person*
*based on double occupancy
**Itinerary & Inclusions are Subject to Change**
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Flexible payment terms available

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